Embarking on his dreams of becoming a musician since the tender age of 4, DAP spent his younger years becoming a classically trained pianist and performer, attending the Berklee College of Music before graduating from Brown University and Columbia Law School shortly after. Already a notable name within the industry, he has recorded with Mark Ronson in the world-renowned Abbey Road Studios, toured Europe through the SoFar sounds platform, and featured on the soundtrack for the Disney movie ‘Noelle’.


The theorem of turntablist as musician has been long proven in the capable hands of DJ Logic, whom with jazz as his foundation has become a wax innovator by crossing genres and mixing his sound across the map. As one of the world’s most accomplished turntablists, DJ Logic is widely credited for introducing jazz into the hip–hop realms and is considered by most as a highly-respected session musician and an innovative bandleader.


Dylan Rhodes, known as Dyl is a recording artist and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA. Dyl is a pioneer of crypto and Music NFTs, with his debut album "Crypto Rich" making a major impact in the Web3 Music community and becoming one of the top selling independent Music NFT albums.


IMAN RIZKY was bred on house beats from the early '80s and '90s. His relationship with dance music back then was a transcendental experience every weekend at places like New York City's Red Zone, the Tunnel, Limelight’s Disco 2000, the Sound Factory, and the legendary Twilo. Iman became a promoter for the Tunnel, Limelight, and the Palladium during the club scene era of the late '80s. His immersion in the heyday of club culture in NYC prompted the pursuit of his true life-long passion of DJing. With his extensive knowledge of dance music from both participation and promotion, he was able to cultivate a unique DJ sound to call his own. As the club scene era wound down and the dance music scene went underground in the early 2000s, Iman formed the party production group, Ku-Deta, which put together events stateside as well as internationally. Around the same time, he started his weekly DJ residency at SEA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he continues to play on Fridays and Sundays.


“Echoes of Ben Howard, Fleetwood Mac vibes and a touch of Duran Duran”-Record of the Day"

"An incredible talent for writing catchy, emotional tracks.”–Killing Moon

"Absolutely stunning."-BBC Introducing Indie-popsinger/songwriter Josh Savage has blazed a bright trail through the music industry, which should serve as a beacon to any musician looking to make a name for themselves in the unrecognizable 21st Century Music Industry landscape. The Berlin-based Brit has built loyal fanbase one living room show at a time (he holds the record for the amount of Sofar Sounds gigs worldwide), soldout headline tours in bespoke venues around the globe, and is now a pioneer in the Music NFT space. Josh Savage released his sophomore album 'Another Life' on 22 April 2022 on streaming services with an NFT collection of 1000+pieces in May. It is inspired by the love letters sent during lockdown to his pen pal across the Atlantic.


A Florida Born genre blender, Manny loves rocking stages all around the country! From bars to EDC Orlando, MannyMak brings the same high energy no matter the level.


Persistence, beating the odds, and never giving up. Even when I'm at my lowest point I'm able to see the light, and fight for what I want.


NiftySax is a saxophonist, composer, & music director. A pioneer of music NFTs since March 2021, he sold 500+ NFTs, generating over 60 ETH. He also co-founded Nifty Music, a music NFT incubator helping fellow artists to go from zero to sold-out.


Born and raised in The Netherlands, but with Caribbean roots from her father’s side, Phoxx is a musical artist who writes her own songs and loves to direct her own music videos too. Currently working on a full album to release as NFTs, with one track already out: WAGMI. Her music can be described as a mix of pop and urban with a trappy vibe :) W3BSTOCK Will be Phoxx's first performance in the United States!


Slowsie’s romantic, guitar-driven songs harness the sunshine of LA’s beaches and the grit of Philly’s basements; meld them to create an unshakably charming sound. The artist’s influences range from the soothing harmonies of bedroom pop to the uptempo grooves of indie rock, resulting in a dynamic interplay between sonic elements which inspire slow dancing and head banging alike. Irreverent melodies and simple, heartfelt lyrics layered over a canvas of lush rhythmic elements implore listeners to close their eyes, take a breath, and have a good time.


Taylor Alexander is a singer/songwriter, visual artist, and music NFT podcaster & pioneer. He debuted in web3 as the 1st ever live performer on The Nifty Show, in March 2021. In September he partnered with YoshiDrops to create a 7 song, live recording NFT membership drop on the WAX blockchain. Other mints include exclusive niftybox music NFTs and a 42 minute long LIVE from the Metaverse NFT and hosts two podcast “Yoshi Drops the Mic!” & “NFT FAQ”, available everywhere you listen to podcasts!!

IRL: Taylor has performed over 1500+ shows, released 4 EP’s and 3 singles independently. A handful of music videos he created while living in LA for 6 years. He’s recently founded a live music nonprofit called Gifted Individuals Guild (GIG) whose mission is to unify artists, venues and communities.


Violetta Zironi is an Italian singer-songwriter and actress. In 2013, she took part in season 7 of the Italian version of The X Factor with her ukulele which soon became her signature instrument. She reached the final and finished third. In 2022, her Moonshot NFT's sent her straight to the #1 Ranking in Music NFTs on Opensea!



Each Alien Boy is unique and algorithmically generated by combining 182 properties with varying rarities in 9 categories (Backgrounds, Skin, Face, Eyes, Body, Mouth, Accessory, Head, Special Power) Limited supply of 10.000 Alien Boys invading the shitty earth. Our alien-source brand grants ownership and commercial usage rights given to the owner not only over their NFT but also to The Alien Boy open source brand. Give us some SPACE in your wallet, human One Alien Boy in your wallet is a curiosity 👽 Two are an invasion 👽 🛸 👽

The Alien Boy Ecosystem also contains The Alien Girl Collection, The Alien UFO Collection and The Alien Doogle.


CryptoBroskis started in March 2021 as an art/music project and a form of pixel expression by W3BSTOCK Co-Founders Darian Mongiovi & Dylan & Ty Fleischut. Each Broski has a unique story & characteristics, and brings their holders new music to listen to! Each Broski also plants trees with Trees for the Future, and with the help of the CryptoBroski Community, Team Broski is proud to have planted over 20,000 Trees in Sub-Saharan Africa! 150 CryptoBroskis have been released into the wild, with 150 more to be made before the OG Collection is complete. The Broski Ecosystem also includes 16x16 Pixel Paintings by the 32x32 Broskis, La Galeria Di Brosque, and Instrumental Music NFTs with Full Commercial Rights called GEESE TRACKS.


Founder of CryptoLeos and Pump It Up: The Collection, I am the world-renowned artist David Gersch. The Gersch will be painting live at W3BSTOCK!



"Electra Ladies" is the breakout collection from an emerging Brooklyn based digital artist. Electra ladies embody experimentation of artistic abilities - playfully exploring color theory to emote a 3D effect. This series is meant to empower even the self proclaimed 'non-artistic' souls to step out of their comfort zones, try something new and jump into the unknown.


My name is Jessica Daisy Mannings, a British artist grown in Bahrain.

My practice describes the journey of healing one's mind, body and soul through abstraction. Deconstructing form alludes to the separation of body and soul, acknowledging impermanence and unseen worlds, inspired by years of sleep paralysis. Philosophies of Abstract Art and Abstract Expressionism lie at the heart of my work, along with spiritual teachings spanning from the Bhagavad Gita, Eckhart Tolle, and yoga and meditation. I seek to evoke a sense of the mystical, capturing the soul and energy of all those I paint and draw, understanding that authentic art springs from a place of surrender and flow.

Jessica will be live painting at W3BSTOCK!


“Light Baths” is an ongoing photography & installation project I started in 2016 intended to illuminate the universal beauty of humankind while exploring new forms of portraiture using projected light. The goal of this multidisciplinary practice is to empower the subject & aid them in discovering freedom/acceptance from societal expectations, providing them space to express their own unfettered selves. This can lead to a cathartic & healing transformation or merely a playful & joyful experience as they revel in the beauty of their own body.


MetaFans is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs on ERC-721. Focused on empowering community fandom through the love for sports and events, MetaFans provides its holders with once-in-a-lifetime VIP experiences. MetaFans strives to grow community in cities around the country by working alongside charities like The Anthony Rizzo Foundation and Dan Marino Foundation.


Recapture that magic of getting a fresh batch of tapes in the mail. Then spreading the love to all your phriends and pham. PhanSets is a passion project that brings the magic of our sharing community to the blockchain—touching on a wave of the future while basking in the nostalgic beauty of our shared history.


PixelWooks is an NFT project to build a live music community and push the boundaries of Phan Art. Ownership is your ticket into the JamDAO which will change the way live music is performed in the Metaverse.


Hi, I'm Shelby! I'm a professional oil painter and visual artist in the Pacific Northwest. My art is inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the human form, creating new life through paint and pen. To ensure the highest quality materials, I build my own canvases and make all my oil paint from scratch. I'm always taking on projects big and small, so don't hesitate to contact me about commissioning your very own piece. I also make wrapped canvas and acrylic prints of almost all my work. I would be honored to transform your home, business, or office space. For all questions or project ideas,


It's the year 5000.

Earth is no longer the blue sphere we know as home.

What remains are thousands of fragments of a planet destroyed by its inhabitants, floating together through the infinite universe. These fragments, first clung to as lifeboats amongst the wreckage, offered survivors a forlorn defense against the void.

Eventually, all hope of reunification was abandoned.

A new version of humanity began to rebuild. The fragments grew into unique colonies, each with their own culture, story and connection to the once whole earth.

While some pursued visions of peace, others have been consumed by the darkness.

All is not as it seems.

Artist Description:

Meet Shelby, the full-time oil painter and digital artist behind Sunderlands NFT.

Shelby's deep love of fantasy world-building fuels the thousands of hours she continues to pour into the meticulously hand-drawn art and lore.

Shelby has found success as a full-time artist for years before entering the NFT space, selling her paintings for $20,000+. Sunderlands is her passion project, an endlessly growing universe that will span the length of her career, lifetime, and beyond.

Roadmap, allowlist requirements and mint dates will soon be revealed in the Discord server.


NFTs For Freedom empowers people to build their legacies


I founded Endlesss to bring live collaborative music creation to the electronic instrument I built for myself and toured with for a decade. Endlesss is a social loop pedal that allow musicians to create music together live from all over the world. We're launching the world's first real-time collaborative music NFT creation experience at NFT.NYC, including a physical arcade machine built by one of the Endlesss community members.


Tuning In (Transitive verb.)

To associate oneself with what is happening or one's surroundings. For us, this means connecting with each other and being "tuned in" to all of the possibilities that this space has to offer. We are tuning into change, running with creative freedom, and empowering sound makers with their best interests at heart. Community. Music. Culture. Discovery.